What Is Dopamine? An Overview

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One of the most critical neurotransmitters in the brain is dopamine. It is best known for its reward, motivation, and pleasure functions. It helps control of focus, motivation, cognitive flexibility, and emotional resilience.  Dopamine is one of the primary regulators of motor control and coordination of body movements, in addition to these creative-productive capacities and […]

Best Nootropics of 2021

Best Nootropics of 2021 Nootropix Dubai UAE

Nootropics or cognitive enhancers are substances that potentially improve executive functions such as concentration, memory, and attention span.

You Can Grow New Brain Cells. Here’s How

You Can Grow New Brain Cells. Here's How 4 Nootropix UAE

Can we, as adults, grow new neurons? Neuroscientist Sandrine Thuret says that we can, and she offers research and practical advice on how we can help our brains better perform neurogenesis-improving mood, increasing memory formation and preventing the decline associated with aging along the way.

Creating A Nootropic Stack

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Most nootropics have a decent cognitive-boosting effect taken on their own. But the best of their effects are often achieved when a nootropic is taken with a secondary one that complements and potentiates its effect – as known as, stacking. Thereby making the best of both worlds and creating a synergistic effect.

Purity Testing Processes: Deeper Look

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Nootropics offer an expansive range of dietary supplements and compounds that may improve your health and cognitive abilities. The near-infinite list of nootropics creates countless options and combinations. Still, it can also make it difficult to find quality compounds to add to your stack. Once you find the dietary supplements or nootropic compounds suited for […]

What Are Nootropics?

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Nootropics are foods, supplements, or consumables that improve cognitive function, such as concentration, intelligence, memory, and creativity.