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Noopept is a potent and fast-acting nootropic effective in boosting mental skills and cognitive function. It enhances memory recall and works as a powerful neuroprotectant. It’s up to 1,000 times more potent than Piracetam; therefore, the dosage required for its effective dose is small.



What is Noopept?

Noopept is a powerful, fast-acting nootropic that’s an efficient brain booster and a potent neuroprotectant. It’s similar in structure to Piracetam but up to 1,000 times more potent.

What Are Noopept Benefits?

Supports Memory & Learning
Neuroprotective & Promotes Longevity (Anti-Aging)
Supports Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) & Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF)
Improves Association Between Brain Hemispheres

How To Take Noopept?

If you prefer to prolong the effect throughout the day, the recommended Noopept dosage would be to take it in three doses of 10mg, or two doses of 15mg:

10 mg: divide into three doses throughout the day
15 mg: divide into two doses twice a day
30 mg: one dose per day

Do not exceed the 30mg Noopept dosage in one day.

Where To Buy Noopept in Dubai, UAE?

Nootropix offers 30, and 60ct. jars of high quality Noopept capsules.

All products has been lab tested for product purity and identity.

In most cases orders for Noopept in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the UAE are shipped within 24 hours!


Read reviews and user experiences of customers who have tried Noopept by going to this page: Noopept: Reviews & User Experiences

Attention: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. It has not been approved, nor have these statements been evaluated, by the FDA.

Additional information

Weight 20 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 8 cm



30ct, 60ct, 90ct

12 reviews for Noopept

  1. me

    I purchased this after doing some research. Basically skipping the racetam branch of nootropics and going straight for Noopept. 🙂

  2. Karen

    Exceeded my expectations; timely delivery. Will purchase again.

  3. T

    Excellent potent nootropic. After around 8 days you really start to understand.

  4. paula

    I love this product.

  5. H.A

    Three stars

  6. Marilyn

    Highly recommend, good value. Very happy with my purchase

  7. D

    1st time I’ve ever purchased any of this stuff

  8. AJ

    Solid product. In the future I will order.

  9. Tom

    Shipping was fast and the price was one of the best online in Dubai, but the Noopept not for me.

  10. Rahman

    Superb, this is my second order.

  11. Ray

    It seemed okay.

  12. T

    It is really good product! I am very satisfied by effect! Thank you!

  13. Andy88

    I was pleased with this product as it produced a distinct improvement in concentration and focus. Based on the research I read, it is also a BDNF simulator. Will definitely keep buying it.

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